“Facebook is a site for creepers and stalkers. I am proud to be both.”

This quote is taken from my teenage daughter’s friend on Facebook. Owning, founding and running a media company primarily for women over 40 continually reminds me that social media has brought a great divide in generations.

Around a year ago, a church woman told me that there was a huge gap between the older women and the younger women in their Bible study group. The younger gals wanted to communicate through Facebook and the older women were listing their uncertainties about joining an online site.

One group sees social media as a great tool to stay connected while the other group has their lists of apprehension to even attempt to understand it.

How do we get on the same page? Or should I say, “How do we get on the same site?”

For a long time, I didn’t do Facebook regularly either but I did set up a site. Why? To observe how Facebook was used and to see if it was worth my time. Each time I logged in, I had to reacquaint myself with it. It clearly took me some time to learn it. However, I knew quickly that the benefits far outweighed the risks.

At Media 4 Women, we can give you private lessons on how to use Facebook, twitter and blogs to market your business (or just get personally updated). We can set the icons on your website so the branding remains the same. We have had amazing testimonies about how the classes have changed our clients’ businesses. One client said, “I didn’t believe that twitter would do anything for us but within 6 weeks of actively working it, we now have over 100 new names on our membership list.”

You might be like me and find yourself agreeing that you too have become the creeper and stalker you once feared and you too are proud of it!


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