Fingernails: Nothing Fake Stays Great Forever

Applying a clear coat of nail polish on my fingernails definitely helps them to stay stronger and grow longer. Manicures look beautiful but not for long. The time and money seem wasteful as my fingernails quickly chip or break. I thought I had the perfect solution when applying acrylic gels. Each coat placed on is made out of acrylic but there is no filling and the application does not take extra time. My nails would not chip or tear for up to 4 weeks. Wow!

After about 6 months of doing this (so 4-5 applications), my nails got so weak and brittle and ugly. Bobbye said to me, ” Your fingers look like they hurt.” And they did. I had to keep my nails really short with clear polish until they grew completely out.

Moral of the story: nothing fake stays great forever. All the enhancers from breast implants to hair extensions have their troubles. As we get older, our bodies get tired of fighting the natural law of gravity. My body seems to respond to the earth calling every part of me to hang down to the ground Some parts of me willingly obey. Unless I remain proactive to fight the forces that be, I am done!

I don’t want to work for my body, I want my body to work for me. A stronger, tighter and flexible outer shell helps your endurance, stamina and strength. Make time and take time to care for the inside and outside of you. Expensive enhancements still need your help.


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