Our Reckless Words Bite Back

There are times that my stomach aches from thinking of all the inappropriate things I have said throughout the years. Why do such thoughts come back to mind out of the blue? There is nothing I can do about it now especially since I am remembering something so long ago, the thoughts may even be out of context today.
Regardless, I do think that the most difficult aspect has to do with the inability to take back the words. Don’t you just wish that you could physically grab the words like grabbing a balloon from floating away? But the ear hears too quickly and words do not travel on attached strings so I am left with the remembrance.
I wonder if the listener remembers as loudly as the speaker. For me, some words resonate for years while others do not stick at all. I have had people apologize for conversations I do not remember. Obviously, that person felt badly because the intent was probably meant to be interpreted in a hurtful way. In those cases, I know they feel better but I then feel worse. Some things are left better unsaid. Or should I say MOST things just should not be said at all. Kind words turn away anger but foolish words flame sparks into fires. I memorized a proverb years ago that says, “Reckless words pierce like a sword but the tongue of the wise brings healing.” Do you agree that more of us need more healing words?


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