The East to the West

Traveling from the west coast of San Diego to the east coast of New York City does bring its challenges. There are time changes, climate changes and circumstantial adjustments like taking taxi cabs instead of driving yourself. However, many other things did not change. I heard the same musical artists in the restaurants and I shopped at the same stores and watched the same news stations. People do not change although the way we approach things do have its differences from the east to the west. On the east coast, the people tend to have a more open and less inhibited approach than the west coast where people hold back more and seem more guarded. I was raised on the east coast and moved to southern California went I was 13 years old and yet, I felt at home in New York even though I have lived here for over 30 years. It is amazing that different sections of the United States gather different cultural behaviors and approaches. Home is not necessarily where you live but where you relax enough to be comfortable with yourself. I realized that even though my children were all born and raised in San Diego, I believe that one of my children would feel at home in New York as well. Challenges occur with any kind of change but it is especially nice to go to a different city and still feel like its home.


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