Be True to You!

Bobbye and I were doing interviews in New York City during a terrible snow storm. We were near Central Park where it received 17 inches of snow in one night. We bundled up and walked over to see it. The temperature was in the 20s and the snowflakes felt like hail as they hit our faces in the blowing wind. The conditions were extremely uncomfortable and we did not have all the necessary clothing to combat the weather. Regardless of the horrible weather conditions, there were still salesmen on the corners trying to sell us a guided tour of the area. They would say, “But our wagon has heated seats and we will give you a blanket.” It was absurd. How many guided tours are actually sold on days like these? The public schools are closed down but these guys are hustling on the corner trying to sell you the delusional thought of a white wonderland with their packaged tour. However, it was still difficult for us to say no. Why? Because he has to make a living and your heart goes out to effort being made. It’s a lose-lose situation. If we say yes, the salesman thinks, “sucker.” If we say no, we think, “poor guy.” But because we live with ourselves, it’s best to be true to you and maybe he will get another job if enough of us say no.


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